I went to go live in Iwaki, Fukushima where I was hired by a company ...an eikaiwa called 'Core' >>> http://www.core-iwaki.com/ we were starting a new life there... We got a new apt right next to the ocean. beautiful location. The weather was always nice... We were just about to get the kids into preschool in the spring (My boy 2 1/2 and girl 7mo) Everything was falling into place. *sigh*

Then well, you know what happened. The earthquake...the tsunami.. That literally took away everything... We even have to get new passports. All the photos are gone... of the kids growing up, when me and my husband first met, and photos of our life back in the states... They are all gone.

It's a loss, but a reminder of how unknowing life can be. How strange. How precious....

Me and my husband are staying with my inlaws(in Shonai) They're complaining about us staying with them...I hate staying here. I feel like we are 'jama' (dérangement, gêne, encombre)...*sigh*

My boss contacted me and said I should start work again next month?! Ok, remember this is in Iwaki. About 20~25 miles from that explosion. He says Iwaki is fine now. I can't believe that!! Is he crazy?! How can I go back to Iwaki when the news even said not to buy Fukushima milk?! It's obviously not safe there!!

The first thing I have to do is to Tokyo with my husband and children to get new passports. We don't have the funds to go yet.... I'm scared. What do I do?

On ne peut pas aider tout le monde mais un voyage à Tokyo pour refaire des passeports ça ne coûte pas des masses non plus.

Si des gens sont avec moi je peux organiser quelque chose pour aider cette famille à refaire leurs passeports. C'est l'opération de 5 jours grands max pour ne pas dire 24h. Ensuite s'il faut revenir les retirer sur place c'est à voir.

Je pense qu'en s'y mettant à plusieurs on peut aider cette famille américano-japonaise à aller de l'avant. Manifestez vous via les commentaires et n'hésitez pas d'en parler autour de vous voir organiser une collecte de fonds. 

Cette femme fait partie du réseau des femmes étrangères au Japon voilà pourquoi j'ai reçu son témoignage.